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Navigating Alberta’s New Virtual Signing Law

Navigating Alberta’s New Virtual Signing Law: homeFree guide Making Legal Transactions Easier and Safer Did you know Alberta has now passed a law where many legal documents can now be signed virtually? At homeFree, not only do we take away the stress and hassle of dealing with a realtor through the transaction process, but if […]


August 31, 2023

Navigating Alberta’s New Virtual Signing Law: homeFree guide

Making Legal Transactions Easier and Safer

Did you know Alberta has now passed a law where many legal documents can now be signed virtually? At homeFree, not only do we take away the stress and hassle of dealing with a realtor through the transaction process, but if you choose, our legal partners can also assist you in closing your real state transaction virtually.

Simplifying Real Estate Transactions

  • Streamlining Real Estate Transactions with At-Home Virtual Signings
  • Hassle-Free Real Estate Transactions: Going Virtual with At-Home

The Digital Transformation of Legal Business

With all homeFree’s tools and support at your fingertips, we make real estate better. Sell Simple. Buy Better. In today’s rapidly evolving digital world, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about significant changes in conducting legal business. Alberta’s Initial Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, in May 2020, Alberta introduced temporary legislation allowing for some virtual signings.

  • Navigating Change: How the COVID-19 Pandemic Revolutionized Legal Transactions
  • Adapting to Change: The Evolution of Legal Transactions in the Digital Age

Virtual Signing Legislation in Alberta

On February 24, 2021, the Alberta Government extended the allowance for the use of video conferencing, providing a more permanent signing option that is particularly helpful for out-of-province buyers and sellers.  The Law Society of Alberta has established strict rules for remote signing, including client identification, verification, and oversight. Before initiating a Zoom meeting, your written consent will be obtained. Here are some key points to remember:

  • From Temporary Measures to Permanent Solutions: Alberta’s Legal Response to the Pandemic
  • A New Era of Signings: Alberta’s Progressive Stance on Virtual Transactions

Secure Virtual Signing Process

Lawyer Qualifications: Only active members of the Law Society of Alberta, who hold current valid insurance with the Alberta Lawyers Indemnity Association (ALIA), can witness, notarize, or commission documents. This ensures the qualifications and integrity of the legal professionals involved.

  • Ensuring Security: Rules and Requirements for Remote Signing in Alberta
  • Safeguarding Transactions: The Stringent Protocols of Remote Signings in Alberta

Lawyer’s Role in Virtual Transactions

Precautions and Security: Lawyers must take precautions to prevent fraud, lack of capacity, duress, theft, or other risks. Specific notes or amended jurers regarding video conferencing are required in the
documents to address the virtual signing process.

  • Legal Professionals at the Forefront: The Vital Role of Lawyers in Virtual Signings
  • Expert Guidance in Virtual Transactions: How Lawyers Ensure Compliance and Validity

Key Points to Remember in Virtual Signings

The requirements for virtual execution remain unchanged since the temporary legislation. The involved parties must be connected through an electronic method of communication that enables real-time visual, auditory, and interactive capabilities. Additionally, legal advice from a lawyer is essential to ensure compliance with the rules governing estate planning documentation

  • Navigating the Virtual Landscape: Important Considerations for Remote Signings
  • Making Virtual Work: Essential Guidelines for Successful Remote Transactions

Document Verification: Both you and your lawyer must have the same document in front of you during the Zoom meeting. It is essential to cross-check and confirm that the document matches. Additionally, Land Titles require original “wet” signatures, meaning they will reject copies of signatures.

Benefits and Considerations of Virtual Real Estate Signings

  • Beyond Traditional: Exploring the Advantages of Zoom Real Estate Signings
  • Weighing the Pros and Cons: The Convenience and Prudence of Virtual Closings

While virtual real estate signings and electronic signatures offer convenience, it is crucial to exercise due diligence and seek expert advice. Engaging with knowledgeable lawyers ensures compliance with legal requirements and proper execution of virtual transactions. Additionally, obtaining explicit or implicit consent from signing parties helps demonstrate their intentions and safeguards against potential fraud.

Ensuring Compliance and Security

  • Legal Compliance in Virtual Transactions: Why Expert Advice is Indispensable
  • Protecting Intentions: Mitigating Risks and Ensuring Authenticity in Virtual Signings

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to significant changes in the legal landscape, allowing for virtual signings, witnessing, and electronic signatures in Alberta. Zoom real estate signings offer a convenient and efficient
alternative to traditional in-person transactions. With the approval of video conferencing by the Alberta Government and adherence to strict rules and procedures, you can complete your real estate closing remotely. By following the necessary preparations and complying with the requirements, you can
ensure a smooth and secure Zoom signing experience.

A New Frontier in Legal Business

  • Reshaping Legal Norms: The Unprecedented Rise of Virtual Transactions in Alberta
  • Embracing Change: How Virtual Solutions Are Redefining Legal Business Practices

Seeking guidance from lawyers and having agreements reviewed can help ensure fairness, validity, and legal binding of virtual transactions. As we navigate through these challenging times, virtual solutions continue to play a crucial role in conducting legal business while prioritizing safety and adhering
to regulations.


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