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The Art of Listing: Maximizing Home Value with HomeFree

The Art of Listing: Maximizing Home Value with HomeFree One of the most pivotal moments for homeowners is when they decide to list their home. More than just a business move, it’s an emotional journey. And the early weeks are a vital litmus test for its perceived value. Why? Because during this period, the home […]


August 14, 2023

The Art of Listing: Maximizing Home Value with HomeFree

One of the most pivotal moments for homeowners is when they decide to list their home. More than just a business move, it’s an emotional journey. And the early weeks are a vital litmus test for its perceived value. Why? Because during this period, the home value is exclusively gauged by the amount a buyer is willing to pay.

HomeFree’s Pricing Advantage: Sellers’ Edge in the Market

Sellers have a universal desire: to get the most out of their property sale. Overpricing can, however, diminish buyer interest. But with HomeFree’s pricing advantage get a unique edge. Unlike other properties that might inflate their listing due to commissions, HomeFree listings stand out for their genuine competitive value.

Sell Your Home Faster with Competitive Pricing – Discover HomeFree’s Pricing Advantage

Market Evaluation vs. Accredited Real Estate Appraisal

The property market is riddled with nuances. A significant one is differentiating between a market evaluation from realtors and an accredited real estate appraisal. Realtors offer “free market evaluations”, often suggesting an enticing selling price. But when interest wanes, they often suggest you lower the price.

Setting the Right Price: Home Value and Buyer’s Perspective

Your home value is central to the sale. If you price your home too ambitiously, buyer interest can decline. Always remember: a property’s home value is strictly tied to what a buyer can and will pay.

Home Financing: The Role of Licensed Appraisers and Lenders

The majority of buyers today lean heavily on financing. Each home financing application is closely examined by a licensed appraiser. Lenders, key in determining mortgage funding, base their decisions on the buyer‘s debt servicing capacity and the value established by an authorized appraisal.

Harnessing the HomeFree Advantage in Pricing

With HomeFree’s commitment to zero commissions, evaluations are genuine. They focus on real home value and utilize the HomeFree pricing advantage. Buyers today are data-driven, comparing comparable properties. They’re informed and won’t pay a premium without justification.

AIC Accredited Appraisal: HomeFree’s Unique Offering

To bolster your market position, HomeFree offers an upgrade: an AIC accredited appraisal integrated into your listing. This tool reassures buyers of your pricing’s authenticity and eases their financing experience with their bank or mortgage company.

Navigating the Market with HomeFree’s Unique Advantage

Navigating the property market is intricate. But with HomeFree’s unique advantage, sellers are empowered. Whether you’re experienced or a newbie in selling your home, knowledge is power. Connect with us at 1.877.297.1188.

Sell Your Home Faster with homeFree!

Price your home right, the first time!

When you list your home, the first weeks on the market are the most important.
Remember: the value of your home is determined by only one factor – what a buyer is willing to pay for it!
Sellers obviously want to get the most money for their home when it is listed for sale. But often they price their home with room to lower it at a later date or too much room for negotiation.
When you list with HomeFree, you immediately have a pricing advantage over other listings in your neighbourhood who have had to factor in tens of thousands in commissions into their list price. Use this advantage when you have the momentum of a new listing on the market, combined with an asking price very close to the bottom dollar you are willing to accept. This allows you to immediately capture potential buyers and use the momentum of a new listing on the market.
Even more support from HomeFree in pricing your home
It is important to note that when you are pricing your home, many people are unfamiliar with the difference between a realtors “free market evaluation” and an accredited real estate appraisal.
Realtors offer “free” market evaluations as a way to get in front of sellers in hopes of obtaining a listing agreement from the seller. Their tactic is often to suggest a higher than market selling price as a way to entice you into listing with them. Then when there is limited action from buyers on your home, they suggest that you begin to lower the price.
For example, many homeowners will experience a wide range of prices if they get several free market evaluations. And if a homeowner were to consider listing with a realtor,  they often think choosing the realtor who suggested the highest price from their free market Evaluations. Be aware, as this will likely result in you needing to lower your price after signing the listing agreement.
But no matter how you choose to sell your home, if it is over-priced, interest from buyers will be weak.
And once again, your homes’ value simply put, is what a buyer is willing and able to pay for it.
In today’s market, nearly every buyer will require financing. Home financing will always require an appraisal from a licensed appraiser. Lenders determine mortgage funding based on debt servicing of the buyer and what a licensed appraisal determines as the homes value.  This is very different from a realtors free market evaluation and no lender finances on the price suggested in a market evaluation.
HomeFree takes the stress out of the free market evaluation‘s offered by realtors as we do not have a vested interest in the list price. Realtor evaluations do not necessarily reflect an accurate selling price, nor do they consider the HomeFree pricing advantage of zero commissions paid at any time.
Do your homework and set your price right the first time. Buyers have done their research as they are the ones looking at all the comparable properties in the neighbourhoods they are interested in and they will not pay more than what your house is worth.
To support you further, HomeFree offers  you the option to upgrade your listing with us and have an a AIC accredited appraisal completed with it. This is a great tool to share with buyers, letting them know how you set your price, and it is the price that will be accepted by their bank or mortgage company.
If you have more questions on the HomeFree advantage or selling your home, please call us at


With homeFree, it’s easy! Finally, a platform that connects buyers and sellers. Offering support and service every step of the way, we save you money and give you back control.
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